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Saturday, April 01, 2006

It's April 1st!

Exciting Sixgun Developments

Great news for anybody looking for the ultimate in revolvers for the Harry Reeves match at Camp Perry. An imaginative new reworking of the single action Russian match pistol, the Toz 36, has resulted in an amazing unit that should be unbeatable on the firing line.

Rechambered and rebarreled in 38 S&W Special Wadcutter, the new Toz 38M will be available sometime in the next two months. But what makes it exceptional is the gas-operated piston that recocks the action and rotates the cylinder, using a measured charge of gas bled from the barrel. Once the hammer is cocked for the first shot, it operates exactly as a semi auto for the rest of the five-shot series. This makes it a more sophisticated concept than the Italian Mateba that was launched a few years back.

Most of the original features of the Nagant-inspired Toz revolver remain the same. When cocked, the cylinder slides forward to seal against the barrel, thereby eliminating the bullet jump to the forcing cone. This makes for much improved accuracy over the standard revolver design.

The gas port in the barrel is "cut" with an EDM (spark eroder) to eliminate any possibility of a burr in the bore, leading to lead buildup. The gas system borrows from the M14 rifle, an ingenious hollow piston that cuts off the gas that is bled from the barrel as soon as the piston has moved a few millimeters, thus preventing any excess pressure of an overload from causing damage to the internal parts of the action.

This exciting new model will revolutionize the target revolver market. While primarily designed for the ISSF Center Fire event, there is no doubt of its potential in NRA 3-Gun matches.

Left Handed S&W Model 14

You heard it here first. Now lefties aren't left out in the cold, with the imminent release of a left-handed version of the famous K38 Masterpiece. It's very important that you contact your dealer today for more details on either of these special models.


  • At 1/4/06 5:41 AM, Anonymous John Hollingshead said…

    It is truly amazing how technology continues to advance the frontiers of our sport! Have you heard about Precision Delta's new self-guiding GPS 158 gr. SWCs? You just program in the exact coordinates of the x-ring and fire the gun in the general direction of the target, and they can't miss? I'll bet these bullets and the new gas operated Toz will be the hot set-up for Camp Perry this year! Happy April 1, Warren.

  • At 1/4/06 6:52 AM, Blogger Ed Skinner said…

    Hmmm. I'm buying a hardball 1911 tomorrow from another shooter. But it's clear I also need a K38 and, now, one of the gas-operated Toz revolvers, both for CF. And those will almost certainly dictate another reloader...
    Does this never end???

  • At 1/4/06 7:16 AM, Blogger Powderman said…

    Uh, OK!

    Not saying I don't believe you...

    but this was posted on April 1st, wasn't it? :-)

  • At 1/4/06 7:17 AM, Blogger Powderman said…

    By the way, that last post was about the left handed K38, not the ToZ 38.

  • At 1/4/06 7:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    April Fool!


  • At 1/4/06 11:32 AM, Blogger Z said…

    Warren, If you had chambered the TOZ in .32 and not brought in the lefty, you would have had all the talk boards in an uproar.

  • At 2/4/06 5:35 PM, Blogger Ed Skinner said…

    Oops, you got me!


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