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Monday, July 03, 2006

LP5 Match for Camp Perry

Once again I'll be taking my place on Commercial Row at this year's National Matches, held at Camp Perry, OH on the beautiful (if a little breezy) shore of Lake Erie. Look in the last building on the Row, I'm representing Pilkington Competition Equipment, and will have on display match air pistols, the Rika electronic trainer and a few used guns.

Sadly, Sallie the cockatoo won't be making the trip this year. It's a long way from Louisiana to Ohio, and she still gets car sick.

Following its popularity at the Bianchi Cup, we have been asked by NRA to supply targets and pistols for a fun LP5 match, that will be hosted in the airgun range. The course of fire is two 5-shot strings in 10 seconds at the biathlon-style knock-down targets. To make things fair, all three Steyr LP50s we are loaning will have 30mm dot sights fitted, and of course shooters will be allowed sighters. Details are:

Introducing the Pilkguns AirStrike
The Airstrike is a new event designed to allow you some extra fun in between relays. It is has been an official side match at the Bianchi Cup for the last four years. AirStrike uses semi-auto air pistols and is based on the provisional rules for an Olympic Rapid Fire Air Pistol event. Steyr LP50s are provided for your free use in this event, but you are welcome to compete with your own repeating air pistol. Five falling plate targets are arranged in a horizontal line. Cash prizes for the winners will be based on the number of entries. The winner will receive one half of the entrance fees. Entrance Fees are $5 for 50 shots. Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged. There will be a daily winner and an overall weekly winner.

Rules for this match are based on ISSF rules 8.20 governing the Five Shot Air Pistol Event.
The competitor will stand at the ready position, with the .177 caliber repeater Air pistol being held at 45 degrees. The pistol will be held with the dominant hand only. At the command to “Start” a buzzer will sound. Each competitor will have a ten second interval to shoot five plates during the five shot string. The end of the time period will be signaled by a buzzer. The competitor will then reload the pistol to shoot the next five shot string on command. Each plate falling within the ten second interval will give the shooter one point. Shots will be fired on falling plate targets meeting ISSF requirements. Scoring is either hit or miss. Diameter of the hole in the falling plate is 30mm, approximating the nine ring on a paper target. Distance to the target is 10 meters or 33 feet. Sighter targets will be provided.
The match will consist of ten record shots. Competitors are given 50 shots or 10 five shot strings and the score will be based on the best two consecutive strings. Daily ties will be decided by earliest score. Aggregate ties for the week will be determined by a shootoff.

The LP50 is a true semi-auto air pistol powered by compressed air. It was featured in the August 2005 Dope Bag in the American Rifleman. The LP50 and it’s predecessor the LP5 has been a favorite of Bullseye shooters for home training of the timed and rapid fire series. Superb accuracy and total commitment to quality make this gun just begs to be shot over and over again. This is the one gun that all your friends wish they could own. It is imported exclusively through Pilkington Competition.

AirStrike is sponsored by the NRA and Pilkington Competiton, LLC.

I look forward to seeing old friends and hopefully meeting a few new ones. I'll be setting up on Monday the 10th of July, and will be there through Sunday lunchtime.


  • At 5/7/06 3:16 PM, Anonymous Steve Turner said…

    I gotta say, reading about and seeing pictures of the Air Strike has made me jealous. Expect to see me in there often. It sounds like fun!

    Warren, I am glad you are back writing. I missed the blog for a while. Please keep it up.

    I am also glad you will be back at Perry. See you there


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